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The hotel reservation procedure can be done easily by clicking on the name of the hotel with marked "*" in the table below.

①Ark Hotel Sendai Aoba Dori *

㉕Hotel Premiun GreenPlus(Japanese page)
②APA Hotel Sendai Kotodai Koen* ㉖Hotel Central Sendai*
③APA Villa Hotel Sendaieki Itsutsubashi* ㉗Dormy In Sendai Honkan*
④The Westin Sendai(Official site) ㉘Dormy In Sendai Annex*
⑤ANA Holiday Inn SendaiI* ㉙Hotel Park SendaiⅠ(Japanese page)
⑥Hotel Green With(Japanese page) ㉚Hotel Park SendaiⅡ(Japanese page)
⑦Koyo Grand Hotel * ㉛Hotel Pearl City Sendai(Official site)
⑧Comfort Hotel Sendai Higashi-guchi* ㉜Hotel Bel Air Sendai*
⑨Sendai Garden Palace(Rakuten travel site) ㉝Hotel Foliage Sendai(Rakuten travel site)
⑩Sendai Kokusai Hotel* ㉞Hotel Hokke Club Sendai(Official site)
⑪Sendai Sunplaza(Official site) ㉟Hotel Mayflower Sendai*
⑫Daiichi Inn Park* ㊱Hotel Metropolitan Sendai*
⑬Daiwa Roynet Hotel Sendai(Official site) ㊲Hotel Mielparque Sendai*
⑭Unizo Inn Sendai(Japanese page) ㊳Hotel Monte Hermana Sendai(Official site)
⑮Toyoko Inn Sendai Higashi guchi No.1* ㊴Hotel Monterey Sendai*
⑯Toyoko Inn Sendai Higashi guchi No.2* ㊵Hotel Unisite Sendai*
⑰Palace Miyagino(Japanese page) ㊶Hotel Grand Terrace Sendai Kokubun cho(Japanese page)
⑱Prince Hotel Higashi guchi(Rakuten travel site) ㊷Hotel Crown Hills Sendai Aobadori(Japanese page)
⑲Hotel Green Arbor(Japanese page) ㊸Hotel Premium Green Soverign(Japanese page)
⑳Hotel Green Selec* ㊹Hotel Leopalace Sendai*
㉑Hotel Green Pacific* ㊺Mitsui Garden Hotel Sendai(Official site)
㉒Hotel Green Mark* ㊻Mori No Hotel Sendai(Japanese page)
㉓Hotel Green Line(Japanese page) ㊼Library Hotel Higashi Nibancho(Rakuten travel site
㉔Hotel JAL City Sendai* ㊽Richmond Hotel Sendai*

Please click here to download the hotel list and the map (List&Map.pdf)

[Notice]The organizing committee of RS2013 is not responsible in any manner whatsoever for any hotel reservation contracts.