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[Keynote lectures]

François H. Cornet Topic: Integration of stress data and methods
Prof. of Geomechanics, IPG-Strasbourg , France
James J. Mori Topic: Earthquake and stress
Prof. of Seismology, Kyoto University, Japan,
Co-Chief Scientist of IODP Japan Trench Fast Earthquake Drilling Project (JFAST)
Jonny Sjöberg Topic: Mining-induced seismicity
General Manager, Itasca Consultants AB, Sweden
Koji Yamamoto

Topic: Offshore production test of methane hydrates in Japan
Project Director for Methane Hydrates Research Project Team, Japan Oil, Gas and Metals National Corporation (JOGMEC), Japan

Mark D. Zoback Topic: Geomechanics for energy resource development
Benjamin M. Page Professor of Earth Science and Professor of Geophysics, Dept. of Geophysics, Stanford University, US
President of American Rock Mechanics Association (ARMA)
[Invited lectures]
Younane N. Abousleiman Topic: Geomechanics applications to shale and unconventional resources
Prof., Director of the integrated PoroMechanics Institute, College of Earth & Energy, University of Oklahoma, US
Takatoshi Ito Topic: Innovative concept for rock stress measurements in deep boreholes

Prof. of Geomechanics, Tohoku University, Japan

Jin-Seop Kim Topic: Radioactive Waste Disposal Research
Ph.D., Senior Researcher, Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute, Radioactive Waste Disposal Research Division, Korea
Erling Nordlund Topic: Stress-related problems in deep mining
Prof., Luleå University of Technology, Sweden
Ivo Oprsal Topic: Blackpool (UK), 2011, and objective tool to distinguish between induced and natural seismicity
Ph.D., Chief Analyst, Seismik Ltd., Czech Repbulic
Jonny Rutqvist Topic: Coupled reservoir-geomechanical analysis for CCS
Dr., Earth Sciences Division , Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, US
Douglas R. Schmitt Topic: Hydraulic fracturing stress determination in Antarctica
Prof. of Geophysics, University of Alberta, Canada,
Canada Research Chair in Rock Physics
Kazuhiko Tezuka Topics: Geomechanical study at a fractured reservoir in the Yufutsu oil/gas field
Dr., Director of Development and Engineering Laboratory, Research Center, Japan Petroleum Exploration Co. Ltd. (JAPEX), Japan
Furen Xie

Topics: The tectonic stress field of Ms8.0 Wenchuan earthquake and comparison with “311” Japan Earthquake
Prof., Director of Institute of Crustal Dynamics, China Earthquake Administration, China

Ziqiu Xue

Topic: Seismicity at CO2-EOR fields
Dr., Chief Researcher, CO2 Storage Research Group, Research Institute of Innovative Technology for the Earth
(RITE), Japan

Arno Zang Topic: World Stress Map project
Priv.-Doz. Dr., GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences, Germany
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