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The International Symposium on In-situ Rock Stress was initiated in 1986 in Stockholm by Prof. Ove Stephansson. Since then this symposium has been held continuously but at irregular intervals every several years. The latest and 5th Symposium was held in Bejing, 2010 and organized by Prof. Furen Xie. This Beijing symposium should be commemorated, because the International Society of Rock Mechanics, ISRM, agreed then to sponsor the symposium as an ISRM Specialized Conference to thereafter be held regularly at every three years. Following the successful symposium in Beijing, it was determined two years ago by the ISRM that this 6th symposium is to be held in Sendai, Japan in August, 2013 under the sponsorship of the Japanese Committee for Rock Mechanics (ISRM National Group for Japan). American Rock Mechanics Association, ARMA, agreed to co-sponsor this Sendai symposium in June, 2012.

5th Symposium in Beijing, 2010.